Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Passion

These pictures were taken during one of the most happiest times in my life. The joy of backpacking. No stress, no worries, burning sun, empty beaches, turquoise sea, amazing cheap food and fruity drinks, a love that you leave behind, thinking he is the ONE and crying your eyes off at the airport going home. Those were the days. I love travelling. For me, nothing beats that!.
These pictures were taken on the beach in Mexico and Belize. Sorry about the weird panorama shapes. This was before the digital camera time, and I thought panorama pictures was the coolest thing back then.


  1. You look hot in picture no 3. !!! x

  2. Did you live in that little house?

  3. Yes, that little orange house was my home for some time. No electricity and roof made out of palm leaves, that leaked during rainy days. Charming.