Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 - The year in photos.

What a year it's been. And what a journey. It's been amazing, it's been shit, it's been a lesson, it's been a blessing. \
January- March It was cold. Bath was covered in snow. I went back to Sweden and enjoyed family time and photographed like never before. I enjoyed London, meeting new people, eating pancake breakfasts and spending hours in art galleries. I baked. I took pictures of what I baked. I moved flat. I partied with my friends. I was happy.

April- June I discovered the streets of NYC and I couldn't have been more inspired. I photographed, I tried new things and my head was in a great place. I went to Paris for a few days and fell in love. Spring came, beautiful as always….and so were my days in Barcelona. Great things happening but at the same time I was struggling getting shit done. I daydreamed a lot and worried to much about the future and the journey I was on.

July- September Summer days and nights were sweet and warm. The english countryside and bike rides saved my soul and I had the best of times in Bristol and London. I fell in love. I fell out of love. I spent late summer days in Sweden enjoying family, new born babies and festivals.

October-December I moved to my current place. I babysat. I re-discovered how beautiful and incredible my friends are. I worked my ass off with Vicky on a project that finally will launch in March 2014. I drank a lot of coffee. A lot of coffee. I ate far too many Gong Fu's and practically moved in to Society Cafe. Autumn came and went and winter arrived. I was happy, I was sad. I reflected, and it's been a roller coaster year, but incredible in so many ways. 
2013 was good but I do know next year will be even better. 
Don't be afraid to dream a little bit bigger this year and make shit happen! Make this year the best one. Fall in love, it's the only thing that in the end of the day really matters in life. 
 Happy New Year! xxx