Monday, 22 March 2010

My mamma is coming

Look at me, yesterday baking and today planting spring flowers outside. Very ambitious. No, actually I wanted to plant the outside because my mum (mamma in swedish) is flying over for a 5 day stay. She is arriving on Saturday. And the place has got to look good. Not that she would really care if it didn't, she might not even pay any attention to the flowers or any of that. But ever since I moved abroad and she calls me to say that she is coming to visit, I get totally stressed out. I clean like a freak, fill the fridge to the top and I want everything to be just perfect. It's weird. Not sure really why this is. Maybe I just want to show her that I am doing alright for myself. I got my life under control (which I don't really have) or maybe I just want to make her proud, proud of me turning out pretty good planting spring flowers in March and having a tidy and clean home. Does anyone recognize themselves in this?

1 comment:

  1. Nice planters! Looks like it was windy and cold.