Thursday, 20 January 2011

A taste of Frise.

One thing I got totally hooked on in Italy was Frise. A south Italian speciality.
Frise is basically dried bread made in a special way, not sure how but anyway.... This is how you make it. You start out with chopping up some really juicy and ripe tomatoes, important that they're really juicy. You then dip the Frise quickly in water, on with some nice extra Virgin olive oil, add the chopped tomatoes, sea salt, dried Oregano and some more Olive oil. Lots of it. And then it's ready! and delicious! It tastes like a better version of a really nice bruschetta. Must be the combination of the bread and the simple but wonderful ingredients. Frise is a great starter before a meal or just as a nice evening snack with a glass of wine. Julia and Fabrizio!! I need a bag of Frise if you come in March!!! (by the way, thank you Fabri for the blog demonstration)


  1. Heej Rene

    Jag har hittat den dubbelgÄngare.
    Taaadaa modellen Jessica Hart

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I LOVE YOU!!!!! XX

  3. I'll arrange a frise delivery for you Rene!
    would like some good olive oil too?

  4. Mmm frise!!! These pictures makes me want to have a good frise pronto...but with the bread you took home Rene!! Lovely pictures!!

  5. Fabri: YES!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
    Julia: Little sis, I'm jealous of you going to milan next weekend! Vi kan ju ringas i veckan! Love you xx