Wednesday, 12 January 2011

afternoon tea

What a depressing, rainy, grey day. January......
So, I'm drinking gunpowder mint tea and eating cake, to feel abit better...sometimes it helps. Hope you're all happy and well.....hmm ok i know this just became a very random, uninteresting post. sorry.


  1. how is that armani tea? :)

  2. it's rainy and grey too here in london..
    i'd love to be sitting on a sofa drinking tea..
    that tea bag looks quite glamour! :)

  3. Vilken härlig blogg du har! :) XOXO Nicky

  4. Julia: The tea is very nice. wish I bought more!! ...that will be next time when I come!! x

    Fabrizio: Ahhh you're in London! is it a short trip? when are you coming to Bath....? hopefully soon... x

    Nicky: Thank you so so much!! comments like that makes me Smile... x

  5. yes, I was in london for a convention..
    we really want to visit Bath.. be ready..! ;)