Sunday, 30 January 2011

A beautiful Saturday

I woke up yesterday morning with a good, happy feeling. I got dressed for an early morning yoga class which was better and tougher than usual. On my way back home I picked up a bouquet of gorgeous pink tulips from the market and made another very important stop at Bertinets bakery for some chocolate croissants. That bakery is true bliss. When I got home I had a new March issue of Vogue waiting...nice. In the afternoon I met up with a friend for a matinee movie in the cinema, something I haven't done in ages. Something I'm gonna start doing more often, because I like it. The evening was spent with my lovely friends, drinking Chilli & Chocolate Mojitos and laughing alot. What a beautiful 24 hours.


  1. what a great day you had and you look stunning.


  2. Dena,
    You are too kind! but thank you. xx