Saturday, 8 January 2011

Italy part 2.

We spent a couple of lovely days in the city of Parma. Amazing architecture and the food of course....parma ham, cheese, pasta, seafood and several cappuccinos in cute cafes went down very nicely. It's a city I definitely want to visit again. The last day we spent in Milan, the city of shopping. I don't know how many times we went like....-ahhh I want this ....-ahhhh this I want...- I reeeeally need this...
In this city you can do some serious damage to your bank account ... expensive but lovely.
Now I'm gonna unpack my things and wash about five loads of clothes.... speak later.. X


  1. Lovely pictures sis!! It was a really fun time! it felt sad when you left, hopefully we can plan in a trip to Bath soon! xx

  2. thank you. It was so much fun! Yes, come to Bath soon.....I miss you already. xx