Monday, 1 August 2011

what to wear?

Going to a wedding in three weeks time. Finding it really hard to find the right dress. I mean, I know it can't be white...and in Sweden they say it shouldn't be red either because that means you and the groom have had something going on...
So those two colours are out! ..then it comes to the length of the dress, not sure what works....and also then I want to get something that feels like ME, and something I won't just wear once and then having it hanging in my wardrobe for years.. ahhh I don't know. I just don't know.


  1. Beautiful Rene,

    So glad you have had your sister with you. you are so lucky to have one. My bestis is sort of a sister, she is def as close as family.

    I think you should go either for a full lenght maxi or a short dress. Think a nice Coral or something as the one you are wearing here would be amazing. Please do let us know what you decide on.

    kisses x

  2. Dena,

    Thank you for that beautiful message. I hope you had a fantastic time away, and I've missed your blog posts! Thanks for the tip about what to wear for the wedding, i'm getting abit stressed about it all, but i'll find something!
    Lots of love. x