Friday, 19 August 2011

Wedding weekend.

It's friday and I'm in Wales. Tomorrow my boyfriend's brother is getting married. Today we're just chillin out and going for meal in the evening. Thought I'd post these pictures from Kate Moss and jamie Hince wedding. Taken by Mario Testino. Amazing.


  1. Rene!!
    Did she really get married? how come? :)

    I hope everything's great in Wales..
    how did Chris' speech go??

    P.S. Is it that bad that I don't have the slightest idea about this guy.. Jamie Hince!?!? sorry..

  2. Hey Fabri,
    yeah Kate Moss got married this summer. Fabrizio!! you're in the fashion business! You should know! ha..
    Chris's speech was great! really good. people laughed at his jokes o i guess it went down well.....

    Hope you're well..... i'm gonna check flight tickets to italy. I miss it.