Sunday, 7 August 2011


for my lack of blogging.... You guys are so funny. Especially you who emailed me wondering if something had happened to me these days that I've been absent...thanks for caring...but I'm fine. Just been busy with work and enjoying these August nights... I've had so much fun this week...My sister left three days ago and I miss her already! We had a wonderful time together, went out for fantastic dinners, drinks, chilled around in Dyrham park for a day, went to the cinema and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the Spa. Julia! Come back soon! ...or actually I'll come to you in Italy! The weather in Bath has been shit since you I need a bit of sunshine....


  1. Rene... I love your sunglasses!!

  2. fabri;
    I know you do.....I heard about your little accident. Maybe Santa will bring you a new pair for christmas???!! x