Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Packing the last bits.. I'm off to Sweden for six days. Leaving tomorrow morning at 4am. Looking forward to some family time, dips in the lake, long evening walks and lovely food. Nothing beats Swedish summer!


  1. you're so right, nothing can beat our summers. I am so relaxed right now it's ridiculous ;)


  2. Oh my god, have a lovely time! It's sure to be nice :) We're sort of trading places because I'm off to England on Sunday! You're not going to be in Malmö at all, are you? xx

  3. ...on your long evening walks, ...after your lovely food, ...sit by the lake, ...and imagine in your visions this tender and deep prayer in notes:

    Swim with me my mama when I die
    In the ocean of death I will cry
    If I am not with my family
    You could be my friend eternally

    Swim with me my Sister when I die
    In the great white ocean we must try
    Try to find a way that we can see
    See each others faces in the sea

    Swim with me my Brother when I die
    I don't ever want to say good-bye
    If you do go first or if it's me
    Oh my darling brother, swim with me

    Swim to me my Father when I die
    Please remember Father, we must try
    Try not to forget our family
    Oh my darling Father, rescue me

    "The great white ocean"
    by Anthony and the Johnsons

    all the best

  4. Dena,
    Hope you had an amazing time in Sthlm!! love sweden. x

    I headed up north this time! but will hopefully pay malmo a visit very soon. Enjoy England lovely! x

    Repubblica Salentina,
    Beautiful!! x