Sunday, 17 July 2011

eighth grade.

Found an old class photo from eighth grade I think it was. I was 13 or 14. Can you see me? too cool for school right..
Nice that we all were wearing that shiny pale lipstick. We all thought we looked pretty hot. I also remember the white leggings I was wearing in that photo, they were white and see through. Thought it looked quite nice when you could see my thongs showing..nice.


  1. Ha ha ha Rene, vilket gäng vi var! :) /Maria

  2. Haha smiling was apparently totally uncool.. I don't remember you being so "bruding" sweetie! :)

  3. Maria;
    Ja shit, och fatta att detta var typ 15 ar sen!! fy. kram

    haha oh yes...totally uncool. I think this style was just a phase at the time...after that I was prob a skater...then a hiphop chick...the list can go on...haha