Friday, 1 July 2011

First of July.

Hello sweethearts! I've been trying to brush my hair for forty five minutes now. It's like a birds nest. Blonde and dry as hell. Need a super conditioner or olive oil ..or just something super moisturizing.... Anyone got an idea what to do about this little problem of mine?
Anyway people, it's Friday night! Hope you have a fantastic evening.


  1. Har du testat moroccoan oil? Den ska jag snart inhandla, testade den och håret höll sig fresh längre än vanligt och luktar sjukt gott tycker jag, hoppas du gillar doften.

  2. Japp, Moroccan oil e bäst. Min favorit.

  3. Moroccan oil is great but only at the ends else your hair ends up super greasy. Plus I'm not very fond of the smell. Some love it, some don't.

    what you need to get silky hair after a holiday when you're hair is super dry is: kerastase aqua oleum. its an unbelievable product. Been using it for 6-7 years and love it. A box comes with 4 bottles, use one every 6 weeks. I get my delivered from


  4. THANKS guys for all your tips!! really appreciate it !!
    I'm now gonna give the Moroccan oil a try and i'm gonna place an online order for the kerastase aqua oleum...hopefully my hair will be smooth and shiny again! xxxx