Monday, 13 June 2011

Flake Away.

I just need to recommend this product to all you ladies (and men) out there! This scrub from Soap & Glory is fantastic!
First of all it smells divine. Second, it's super grainy and scrubs really well making your legs feel super soft. I used fake tan the other week and as my tan was slowly flaking off, my legs were starting to look more and more like snakeskin. Not a sexy look! This little tub solved that problem, thank god.
And third, it's cheap. £6 for the big tub and £2.35 for the little tub. You can buy them in Boots.
Think I might have found a scrub I'm gonna stick with. And also, I know it says on the tub that it's for the legs, but i will use it all over my body!


  1. Ska kolla upp om den finns i Sverige, jag behöver en bra scrub. Tack för tipset. kram

  2. hey gorgeous,

    thanks for your sweetest comment. I would love to meet up in Bath for some shopping and cake at some point. Would be fun to finally meet you and you have to let me know if you come to London again.

    I've heard so many good things about this scrub. I have to get it. I used to use a Loccitane one but it didn't really scrub well, it just left behind a thick oil which is good on the skin but no scrub effect at all. Then I moved on to the Bodyshop body polishes which are good. The satsuma one smells heavenly. Now I'm tired of that so next time I pass Boots I grab a pot of this.

    It's pouring down here in London :( hope you're having better weather in Bath.


  3. Dear rene,
    I bought this scrub yesterday, and I love it. So thanks for your recommendation.
    / Sarah from Oxford.

  4. Anonymous: Hoppas att du hittar den! kram

    Dena: That would be so much fun! I will let you know next time when i'm in london for sure!!
    And yes, try the scrub. It's good stuff!
    The weather here today is sunny......but who knows, in two hours time it might be pouring down..
    Love. x

    Sarah: I'm glad you liked it! thanks for the feedback! x