Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Cupcakes.

Ok. So here they are. The cupcakes that I made last week. I've had people emailing me about a recipe for them, and most of you have asked about the icing....So this post is for you guys! Since it was the first time making these cakes we wanted to experiment which frosting would be the tastiest and the prettiest.

The icing for the pink cupcakes we used 140 g butter and 140 g icing sugar and a few drops of pink food colouring all mixed together.
And for the chocolate ones we used 300 g mascarpone and 150 g melted milk chocolate.

The cakes made with mascarpone were so much better!!... it's an easier icing to work with, they looked better, and tasted so much better...the pink ones made with butter and icing sugar were pretty sickly after a while to be honest.

and yeah...the cake sponge mix was just taken from a normal muffin recipe that I found online, but we added coffee in the mix so they would taste abit more.....then added a little extra coffee and sugar syrup just when they've come out of the oven to make them a bit more juicier. We love the taste of coffee!

So there you go. I'm rubbish explaining recipes, but hope this was ok!


  1. Gaah! Looks so good! Mascarpone and choclate beats butter and sugar any day of the week. But pink is prettier of course.. :)

  2. Ida,
    mmm yeah they were good.....
    I remember you telling me once about a tortilla pizza that you did. What is that? and how do u make them? they've been on my mind ever since x