Tuesday, 28 June 2011

baia del silenzio.

Oh my, never thought I would have said this a week ago... but it's just too damn hot here!! Toooo hot. I'm sweating, complaining, buying ice cold drinks every 10 minutes.. ..I spend my days laying in the shade under the beach umbrella trying to stay alive. I used to love temperatures over 30 degrees, but now....no.. i can't take this..i'm melting.


  1. I hope despite the heat, that you're having the time of your life babes.
    On Sunday/Monday wee had plus 32 here in London and I didn't get any sleep at night. I wanted to bury myself in a tub of ice-cubes.
    I'm off to Stockholm on Friday for 12 whole days :) can't wait to see my family and catch up with friends. When are you back in UK?


  2. Dena,
    I'm having a fantastic time here...yeah despite the heat... going back tomorrow though..Ahhh Sthlm sounds lovely. Sweden is so amazing this time of the year.. i'm going for 5 days in July, can't wait for that!


  3. It looks so nice. I'm off to Ibiza in Aug, can't wait to get some proper sun. :)
    hope you had fun./J

  4. Josie m,
    Thank you!! Enjoy the Spanish sun!! xx