Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sam's kitchen.

Today I discovered this fantastic little cafe. In fact I loved everything about it. The atmosphere, the coffee and the beautifully presented pastries, the charming staff and even the music playing in the background was lovely. This time I just had tea and cake, but my friend Jess had the most delicious tart with a salad for lunch. Next time I've got to have a taste of their menu. Because there will definitely be a next time!
Sam's kitchen might just be one of my favourite hangouts from now on.


  1. Cozy! O gott med marang!! I want to visit this place next time I go to Bath!!!I made homemade icetea today...going to be in the fridge for a while..then taste it once I come home from zumba. Puss

  2. lil sis,
    of course I will take you there!
    mmm icetea... you have to show me how to do that! Hope you enjoyed the zzzzzuuuumba! ..puss