Tuesday, 31 May 2011


A recommendation if you live in Bath, or visiting the city. And like Indian food. Bengal Brasserie on Milsom street is pretty good. Had some food there last night. You've probably walked past the place thousands of times but not actually seen it. So next time, check it out!


  1. hey sweetie! a friend of mine is planning a one-week vacation in bath this summer! do you have any tips or must sees? maybe a blog post with the best of bath - from your perspective (the rest can be read in the tourist guide..)? could be interesting for us staying in Sweden this summer as well. :)

  2. Ida,

    What a great idea!! Yes a post with the best of Bath will be in the blog very soon!! If your friend needs a place to stay or anything when she is here get her to contact me!!

  3. Aaah you're the best! :) Looking forward to the Bath post! Kram