Tuesday, 17 May 2011

me, today.

It's 15 degrees outside. And it's May. How Boring. But whatever...I'm gonna wear a dress with boots today anyway.. My beloved Hudson boots goes with everything. Today I'm matching them with my old floral dress from Zara. And also, I think photo booth on my Mac is starting to let me down. All the pics I take with it nowadays are so blurry and dark??.... it's like it can't take good pictures on a grey day...By the way loving my posh background ...The wall that we haven't got around to decorate, a half ironing board and a charger. Nice.


  1. I love floral dresses! And those Hudson boots sure are comfortable! Here its like 28 degrees sun and hot! Take C with you and come here! Are u still thinking about end of june?? Love you sis! Kram

  2. Love your dress and totally agree about the Mac photo booth pictures. Mine always come out blurry as well.

  3. lil' sis,
    I want to come to Italy! I will see what I can do! 28 degrees?...we've got 14. And rain. so lovely.

    Thank you.! I watched the video on your blog today 'when I grow up I want to be....
    Loved it!!!! x