Tuesday, 1 February 2011

when to wear?

I bought this tshirt from Urban Outfitters last week. Or I guess it's called a belly shirt? or cropped top? I don't know. My boyfriend asked me when I was gonna wear it.....Which made me think, when can you wear something like this without feeling wrong? ..Out shopping In town on a summer day? to work? ...I don't know. At the moment it's my yoga tshirt which feels abit more safe.


  1. Crop tops, baby! I have the same dilemma! Like 3 weeks ago I ordered a white and black one from ASOS (looove them loads) but so far I've only worn them around the house and to work out in. Come summer time though I think they'll be publicly wearable. I'm thinking music festivals, the beach, and anywhere near the Mediterranean. In the meantime though.. There's two good things about them. One being that it must mean you have a nice flat tummy if you even bought one aaand that it keeps you motivated to keep your tummy that way ;)

    Long ass comment! Much love xx

  2. looking good Rene.. i wish i could get away with wearing a top like that x x x M.