Thursday, 24 February 2011

it's coming

Spotted these lovely things on my morning walk! Which can only mean one thing! It's on it's way!! Spring/Summer will be here before we know it! yay.


  1. You're way ahead of us! It's still freezing cold here. I even snowed this week - oh no I want spring! I haven't even seen winter aconite (I had to look that word up.. :) ) and snowdrops yet.

    Have a nice weekend finis!

  2. Of course "I" didn't snow.. Even if I'm so cold that I could.. :)

  3. Finaste Ida,

    Next time I'm in Sweden! We have to meet up!!! would love to see that face of yours again!
    Usch no more snow now....but we all know that next week those little lovely yellow and purple flowers might be covered in snow, u just never know..let's just hope not...
    Manga kramar!