Friday, 18 February 2011

In my shower.

Ok Josie M. This post is for you.

The beauty stuff that I use everyday in the shower are these.
I love them all dearly.

Dermalogicas Special Cleansing gel.
It's great. I've tried loads of facewashes but this one IS the best. Removes all makeup (even dark heavy makeup after a night out) And also it foams, i like that.

Redken colour Extend shampoo and Conditioner.
This is what I've been recommended for my hair type. And it's also great for colour and highlighted hair. They both smell really nice and the hair feels soft and nice after. That's why I keep buying them.

Dove body wash. I like the one with the scent of cucumber and green tea. I never buy expensive body washes. Seems like a waste of money. They all feel and do the same. This one is £1 in Boots or in the supermarket.

Nivea Natural Oil. Nice body wash, because it's an oil it makes the skin super soft. And great for dry legs.

NUXE Tonific Exfoliation. A good body scrub. On the package it says the scrub contains bamboo oils, amazonian plants and plant powders, that sold it to me, haha.. it does work. But I do know there is cheaper ones out on the market that work just as good. I've got friends that even make their own scrubs with sugar and olive oil, works perfect.


  1. I love dermalogica. Never tried this wash though....on my shopping list now. thanks . xoxo

  2. Thanks Rene for the tips, im definitely gonna give some of these a go! Josie xx