Tuesday, 13 July 2010

salta hav och varma klippor

Are we back to rain again are we?! When the weather changes like this, to have gone from sunny and mega hot to grey and rain. My body reacts really weirdly, It almost collapses, I get a little bit of a cold. My body can't really understand the big drop in the temperature. So now I'm laying here on my sofa feeling sorry for myself, eating my popcorn and watching crap soaps. What to do on rainy days like this?, you go through your photo albums from sunnier holidays and remember those good times. Like this one above, me enjoying the Croatian sun, happy and free.


  1. I want to go to Croatia! That looks amazing. Where did you go? Would you go back there?

  2. hey Nina,
    I would definitely go back to Croatia! went to Split, the islands Hvar and Brac. Amazing places. Check for pics in June month.