Saturday, 31 July 2010

last day of July

Saturday. My only day off this week. My plan was to really chill out, relax and just read magazines and drink tea all day. But then I got restless. I started cleaning the house, sorting out papers, preparing for a client meeting at 6pm, writing a few emails, cleaning my watch, yeah anything except for resting!
After the meeting all my energy just seemed to disappear. I just shut down. Had a glass of red wine at Moon and sixpence bar. Tired but happy. August month will be busy with work. Fun creative stuff, things you almost don't care if you get paid for, as long as you can do whatever you want to do, and design from your head and not from a clients brief. Anyway, went home, ate a nice summer meal. Salmon with new potatoes and dill and some nice fresh asparagus. And to top it off Waitrose own tiramisu. My favourite.


  1. U seemed to have a wonderful day. Nice blog!! Just came a cross it & I liked it. Great pics. Keep it up.
    Love mellie

  2. Thank you Mellie,
    Your comment put a big smile on my face this morning!