Saturday, 3 April 2010


I'm abit bored, feel abit exhausted by all the things that I needed to do today, and that I didn't do. That happens quite often. I write a massive 'to do' list. Way too long, I read it through, and then i get tired just looking at it, and end up thinking I will do them tomorrow.
One thing i do need to sort out soon are some shelves for my books, they are everywhere.
My mum complained abit about them when she was here, she said.

- Why are all the books on the floor?
- Because I don't have any money to buy book shelves.
- But I gave you some money after christmas last year so that you could buy some.
- What? ohh, oh okey, yeah I remember. The money for that is still in my account. Just haven't found the right ones. Thats it.

Totally forgot about that. There was a sale after christmas and I really needed those boots.

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  1. Your flat looks nice! I like the floor.