Monday, 5 April 2010

boys boys boys

My mum brought my old diaries over from Sweden. They all have one thing in common. I just write about boys. Constantly. Every single day. I'd even cut out images of Marcus Schenkenberg and glued them on the covers. Do you remember him? The Swedish model. Hot in the nineties? dated Pamela Anderson? I loved him. I wrote his name everywhere in school. On benches, in the sand, on my schoolbooks. I was 12!!!. I remember, he was modelling for a H&M catalogue back in -94 and I used to drool over those pages. Far more interested in looking at him in boxers than buying any of the clothes. Diaries are so much fun. And so embarrassing.


  1. hahaha detta var sjukt kul! Men stackars Patrik som fick klä av sig! Kul at du sedan tyckte om Erik o inte Patrik som vågat klä av sig! hahah

  2. what is this!!! we english cant read this! translate!

  3. fan vad ball.