Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Guest Post by Julia Humphrey.

ASMR. Until a few days ago, I had never heard of it. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. I honestly don’t completely understand what that even means but let me explain why I find this interesting.  

For many years now I have been getting this tingling sensation in my head in various moments. I like to call it a “brain massage” since it is actually feels like a massage on my scalp. I get these feelings randomly, usually when someone with a soft foreign accent speaks to me, or when someone draws something on a piece of paper and I carefully watch. It’s a very calming and relaxing emotion of well-being. 
I recently shared “my secret” with a friend, who looked at me in a “hey-whatever-floats-your-boat-kind-of-way” And I understand why. I mean, let’s get real, I tell my friend I get the same pleasure from hearing the nice supermarket-lady speak as I would get from a 40 pound facial. Yes, definitely a bit strange. I do want to point out that it is nothing sexual whatsoever!! 
So after some research, I came across a Facebook page, dedicated solely to this subject. Apparently it is called ASMR and it’s still quite an unfamiliar condition, which is why there is no real explanation to why people experience these kinds of “brain massages”. In any case, I found out a lot of other people get the exact same feeling. However, the triggers are somewhat individual, anything from whispering voices to watching someone paint. A lot of people’s comments on the Facebook group were “I really thought I was the only one…” 
I understand that for someone reading this that does not feel it, may think it is odd, but if anyone recognizes themselves, I would love reading your comments! 
And I guess, at the end of the day, this “phenomenon” is pretty great, considering I get a free massage just by listening to a random person talk! 

xoxo Julia.


  1. Va?! Jag känner igen mig!! Precis så! Känns nästan som att håret reser sig lite och det är väldigt behagligt och lugnande. Jag upplevde det som starkast när en kollega som har en svag dansk brytning pratade med mig - vet inte om det var hennes röst och accent som gjorde det eller vad det var. Måste genast googlas! :-) Kul betraktelse Julia!

  2. Sounds very interesting.