Thursday, 8 March 2012

just for a day.

I was in London yesterday. My Swedish passport is about to expire so a trip to the Swedish Embassy was a must. I really like embassies they make a foreigner like myself feel right at home. After a lot of Swedish talk and a few Marianne chocolates (a favourite) later I realised that I was really missing home. I decided to go for some lunch at one of my favourite places in London, The Nordic Bakery. Had a Swedish rye bread sandwich with gravad lax and a very delicious cinnamon bun. A little dose of Sweden and my short spell of homesickness was cured. Good. I could focus on more important things.


  1. nice pics sis! Du kan alltid komma och halsa på mig om du saknar sverige!!! puss

  2. lil sis: Tack syrran! I will, i'm looking forward to hanging out in your new flat! xx