Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Great song.
Talking about music... Check out Jools Holland tonight at 10pm. Noah and the Whale and Lana del Rey performing.


  1. Rene, the beginning sounds like the theme tune To Rainbow...a 70's kids programme...check it out on youtube...Rach x

  2. :) Did you check your e-mail yet? Emily sent out e-mails today and I saw your name on the list of who it went out to! Does it work out for you to come this year since your sister doesn't live here anymore? I hope you can! xx

  3. Rach:
    I need to check that out!! Hope you're having a nice day off!! xx

    Just saw it!! I would like to do it! So I think both me and little sis are gonna do it!! would be nice to catchup with you aswell!!! I'll email her now!! xx