Saturday, 24 September 2011

the foundation.

During the spring/summer months I don't use any foundation. I always think that it's good for the skin to breath for six months of the year. And also, it's hard to always match the foundation with your skin tone when you've got a tan.. But October month is creeping up and... my face needs it. Clinique's super moisture makeup is my all time favourite.


  1. I can't believe you just posted about this because after seeing how gorgeous your skin looked in your post about London I was going to ask you! You answered before I even got the chance to haha. Much love :)

  2. Rachael;
    Aww thank you sweetheart. Hope all is good with you!? Are you working at Oredev this year? xx

  3. Oh you just reminded me about it! Yes, I'm hoping to.. We made such good money last year haha. Are you planning on it too? It would be lovely to see you again xxx

  4. Rachael:
    yeah I really wanna do it this year.....good money + I would get to see you again! haven't heard anything yet though....see what happens. xxx