Thursday, 22 September 2011

buy online.

Most of my beauty products I buy online nowadays. Just because it's easy and I know what I want. Also it's cheaper. And they always add loads of free samples of stuff to try with the delivery. And that I like. There is nothing worse than department stores that are cheap with giving out samples, even though they've got loads of them behind the beauty counter. I know, because I've had plenty of friends that's been working behind those department store beauty counters. I mean who wants to buy a face serum for £60 if you haven't even tried it on your face. A little test on the back of my hand doesn't convince me to buy an expensive product. Not sure what I wanted to say with this post. Just saying.


  1. Totally agree, it's a total pain in the bum when they won't let you have samples..I've such sensitive/skin i've waisted loads of money on products that end up bringing me out in a rash! I but everything online these days :)

  2. I'm glad i'm not the only one. .....
    The worst thing is that you feel like a cheeky bastard asking for a sample aswell.....anyway. I will just keep buying online. And getting my free samples! x