Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tuesday morning.

Good Morning sweethearts!
Looking forward to a day out in Bristol today. A little bit of shopping, a little bit of doing nothing.. I like.


  1. You look amazing today Reinie! Love the highlights, the scarf and the makeup. <3

  2. Ahhh Ida.... you are just too nice. TACK vad snall du e. Kram

  3. Rene I love your blog- I need to repeat that. It makes me happy every time I visit it. You have the right concept, great photos and short snappy text. if only other bloggers got it too.

    ps. you look stunning.

  4. Dena,
    Logging in after a long, exhausting, uneventful day and receiving a comment like yours puts a HUGE smile on my face! You are so so sweet. Getting response about my blog and what I do gives me energy to continue blogging so thank you. xxx