Monday, 21 March 2011

last week

I've been rubbish blogging lately. I know. I have been in my own little world, thinking about future, love, friends and family.
I've still been taking pictures....this was my last week...

pic 1. I had a few nights out. Drinking and talking, laughing and planning.
pic 2. I couldn't resist taking pictures of beautiful spring flowers. Went for long walks in the sun.
pic 3. Spring arrived in a hurry.
pic 4. I tried new recipes and cooked a steak for the first time in my life.
pic 5. Went to the opening of Banana Republic. My friends enjoy free Bellinis.
pic 6. ...and free Mojitos.


  1. great photos. You look ridiculously gorgeous in the first photo. Wow!

    Hope you're having a good week.
    Dena x

  2. Miss P.
    The steak was lovely!. A little bit of garlic, a little bit of rosemary, salt and pepper, and some butter...just like you said. Served with roasted potato wedges, asparagus and a rocket like the sound of that?x

    You're a sweetheart! thank you. Have a lovely week you too!!! x

  3. Sounds amazing! Wooo the girl can cook!