Saturday, 13 November 2010

nerd convention

It hasn´t just been a lazy and relaxing holiday. I have been working aswell. 3 days at a IT convention. Computer nerds from all over the world fly here to be part of this thingy. And they love it, talks about coding and stuff like that. But it´s the easiest job in the world. With four pictures I sum the work up. Nice food, wine, opening doors to every speaking session and lots of chocolate eating. I mean...loads. Feel like I gained about 10 pounds. But also I have met some nice people that I have enjoyed speaking to for the past days.
Now I´m off to enjoy the sunshine. Haven´t see it since I got here. Enjoy your weekend. Today I´m gonna take lots and lots of pictures. Will keep you posted!


  1. Oh well look what I found!
    I'm rather going to enjoy following this :)
    Lovely meeting you, keep in touch, and have a safe trip back to the UK xx

  2. It was so nice meeting you Rachael!
    Did you see the pic with your dad? I sneaked in when he was speaking and it sounded really good and interesting! The guests were loving it!
    Cool, I have to check out your blog! Keep in touch, and come and visit me in Bath sometime!!!

  3. Hi!
    I checked out your blog Rachael and tried to comment on it but my computer wouldnt let me, so i´ll just try on here instead. It was great meeting you and hopefully I will see you at Öredev next year if not before that, I´ll be in Malmö until the 17th of dec.
    Rene, So fun when you come visit! Hope you had a good flight back to the UK. Ill see you very soon again!!