Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thursday morning

I'm so tired today. Went to the cinema last night to see 'Inception'. Good movie. And long. It didn't end until after midnight! way past my bedtime. Today I'm wearing this,

Dress: A large top from h&m
Shoes: urban outfitters
Scarf: Almost famous. ( the scarf won't stay on all day, a scarf in the hair is one of the most annoying things in the world, unless you are on the beach, not sure why i'm even wearing it.


  1. Såg Inception på bio i lördags. Ja, oj vad lång! Men en av de bästa filmer jag sett!

  2. hej fina Ida!
    ja, skitbra film, i borjan tankte jag fan, assa jag fattar inget ( hade behovt lite subtitles da och grym handling! hoppas att allt e bra med dig!

  3. I think the scarf's cute!x