Saturday, 7 August 2010

flippin' pancakes

I am home alone tonight, so I thought I would make some pancakes for dinner. I love pancakes. Especially served with ice cream and some nice jam. But I didn't have that at home so sugar and lemon will do. I'm not great at reading recipes, so I got abit annoyed when I noticed that I had made a pancake mix serving 30 people!! But it was too late the mix was done and I didn't want to waste the pancake mix so I have been flippin pancakes the whole evening. I feel sweaty, greasy and tired after all that. But it was worth it. They were delicious. Now I'm gonna watch the new English tv-drama Sherlock Holmes on iplayer. People have been telling me how good it is, so looking forward to that. Happy Saturday night!


  1. That´s so funny. But not at all surprising.... Now that you´ve had some practice I expect you to cook some for us when you come over :-)

  2. Njae...we will see... I can make popcorn!!
    See you next week!!