Tuesday, 1 June 2010

life's pink

While my sister is out shopping i'm chillin on the the sofa with a cup of tea, listening to a sleeping Olivia that I hope will sleep for at least another half an hour so I can paint my nails, haha.
This weather!!?? come on. Today is 1st of June!! it's summer! or is it?
Oh yeah and also! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! i hope you have a really lovely birthday! I'm looking forward going out on Saturday.


  1. I love that photo!! where is it taken? x

  2. thanks! I took it yesterday at the Bristol Zoo.

  3. Thanks Rene! Had a lovely day thanks, despite the shitty weather! Olivia looks adorable. How long are they staying for? Thinking maybe a get together for her and Toby? xxxx

  4. Hey Jess, i'm glad u had a good day!! Unfortunately they're leaving early tomorrow morning. Next time!!! How are you my sweet. I have missed you. See you on friday. xxx