Friday, 9 August 2013

another new beginning.

After three weeks of silence I feel ready to blog again. I needed that break. To think, reflect and to re-evaluate life, people and the journey i'm on. Sometimes we all need those breaks. 
I remind myself that I'm the only one in charge of my own happiness and the only way forward is to follow the heart and remember who you are, and your dreams.
I decided to head back home to Sweden for a while for some fresh air, sea, sun, family and friends.
And now, i'm gonna be busy making my dreams, plans, hopes and life goals turn reality. 
I can't wait.
And also, thank you my dear followers for your sweet emails and messages. No, I didn't die.
I just went away to come back ten times stronger!


  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fina rene! kul att du e tillbaka. stor kram

  3. good to have u back girl /M

  4. Wise words full of courage. Have an awesome time out over there, you deserve it x

  5. you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hope you are well and rested. Check your inbox. x

  6. Thank you ALL.
    The BEST blog readers in this World!!!