Tuesday, 16 April 2013

travel editor.

Hello my beautiful readers,
I know this blog has been a bit slooow lately with not that many updates... but it's not because I've just been chilling out on my sofa watching The Kardashians and eating popcorn..
It's because, me and my amazingly talented lil sis are now the travel editors for IDEAL magazine. Yay! And with that comes more work, research, meetings and less time for other things...
BUT, I do love my blog, so here i am back again and I'm gonna give you some amazing stuff right here very soon....so keep checking in.... And thank you for reading. This month I hit a record of visitors since the start in 2010. So Thank you guys. Much appreciated.
And don't forget to read mine and Julia's latest piece in IDEAL,


  1. You are a lovely sister and now also a colleague! GREAT TIMES AHEAD!!!(and loving the moment)

    1. lil sis:
      The best partner ever!! Amazing times ahead......xxxxx puss