Friday, 8 February 2013

On Piazza San Marco.

Found this photo from Venice that I took when I was there last year. I love the fact that these woman are wearing surgical masks (or whatever they call them) to keep them protected from dirt/bacterias/pollution. But still, they're happy holding/feeding the dirty pigeons on San Marco Square. 


  1. Apparently people actually wear those because they're ill themselves, and don't want to spread their virus. Interesting fact for you!

    1. Miss P:
      I've heard that that could be the case aswell.
      Must have been a hell of a lot of illnesses going around Venice during my trip.
      But as i feel like i've got a cold coming, i might purchase one myself. So next time I'll see you in town for a coffee, don't get too shocked. xxx

  2. haha I hate the flying rats.