Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Bridge.

Is there anyone else that's been watching the Swedish/Danish TV drama The Bridge on BBC? Well I don't have a TV so I started watching it today on iplayer. It's bloody brilliant! I had plans to do loads of things today, but started watching this and got completely hooked, i'm now on episode 6 = 6 hours...yikes.

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  1. The Bridge was watched by more than 1 million people when it was first aired last month in the UK - that's more than either series of The Killing, so yes, I think a few other people like the the series too! It is absolutely brilliant and Twitter was going crazy on Saturday when the two final episodes were shown. I saw it on DVD some time ago, and have been dying to talk to people about it! (I also blogged about it here)

    By the way - when is Mee going to open a shop in London? Crouch End is a lovely area… :-)

    Helena xx