Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I just remembered I was gonna tell you about this great place that me and Emma came across when we were in London last week.
It's an all organic farmshop and cafe right in the heart of Notting Hill. All the food comes from the Daylesford Farm. Bread from their bakery, cheese, milk and yoghurt from their creamery etc. Not often you get that in central London.
We had a great salad for lunch and freshly squeezed juices to drink. All very healthy.
Yes, so if you're around the area try it out. Think you'll like it.


  1. i love daylesford organics i try and eat there whenever i can as the food is so yummy! ...also has some pretty good produce for a quick shop too! The farm is owned by the Banford family who own JCB. i recommend going to the actual farm shop at Daylesford as its beautiful

  2. Ser riktigt gott ut !!