Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Frise breakfast

This has been my breakfast for the last four days. Frise. I love it. Lucky for me, my sister brought some over from Italy when she was here last weekend. Frise bread with ripe juicy tomatoes, sea salt, oregano and a drizzle of olive oil. Looovely.
Have a good Tuesday!!


  1. How is it that you know what "frise" are? They come from a very beautiful and special area in Italy, from the heal of the "boot" called Salento.
    If you want to know more about it check out this website www.discoversalento.org

  2. Hi,
    My sisters boyfriend is Italian! And also a fantastic chef!
    He taught me how to prepare a frise. And we all love it.
    Last week I was in Italy and Fabrizio taught us how to make Parmigiana. It was lovely!
    Nice website by the way. x

  3. do you know if Fabrizio is from southern Italy?

  4. By the way, we are highschool students in Lecce (http://www.costa.clio.it) and we are preparing a calendar for tourists in which we'll talk about how sensual our food can be, do you think we could this frisa photo of yours on it? In case we can, could you please send the high resolution file to posta@repubblicasalentina.it
    The photographer's name will obviously be printed!

  5. Fabrizio is from the north of Italy, think he first heard about frise from a friend of his, that was from the south.

    No problem if you wanna use the photo, just credit my name or blog address and I will be happy! will email you the picture.
    Good Luck with the calendar! I'm sure it will look fantastic! x

  6. You're FANTASTIC!
    we got the photo and you will get the ...calendar!
    As soon as it will be done, we'll send 3 copies (your sister and super Fabrizio included!)
    All the best!