Sunday, 16 May 2010


Happy Birthday my beautiful Mamma! To the best mum in the world!
I took this picture of her last summer. She looks so happy. My mum is a summer person. She loves getting up early in the morning. In summer time it gets light really early. And she puts her swimwear on and wraps her blue short bathrobe around her, the one that I gave to my little sister and the one she now thinks is hers. Then she leaves the house and walks down to the lake. With a water thermostat in one hand. She swims around enjoying the fresh lake water and after a while she gets up and walks back. Then she has her breakfast and waits until the house wakes up and she proudly tells us that she has already been for a swim, a walk, and have had her breakfast, and then she asks us if we can guess the water temperature. A summer morning.

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